We’re ideas people. We’re here for the 'wows', the 'why nots' and the 'have you seen this'. We’re the fresh thinkers that know how to make brands fly. Here are some ideas we had earlier.

Pick-up bike luggage collection: a guest journey experience by & Smith for GuestHouse hotels.



Because GuestHouse hotels live in Britain's most loved cities, most people arrive by train. As no one enjoys starting their holiday with a luggage carry through town, GuestHouse meet you at the station and take their luggage back to the hotel. This means their guests can start exploring straight away.

A portable ice cream truck that moves around the LUX resort, as designed by & Smith.

Free Ice cream

LUX* Resorts & Hotels

What's a holiday without ice cream? We took LUX* from only serving ice cream as an after dinner dessert, to every resort designing their own hut/bike/car to hand out their homemade ice cream, free of charge. With island inspired flavours like chilli and pineapple, as well as the classics and all the toppings, the 'ici' branded ice cream (meaning 'here' in french) quickly became something to write home about.

Colourful signage around Cowarth Park, as designed by & Smith.

How many miles

Dorchester Collection

We came up with this idea while standing in a meadow at Coworth Park, and wondering in what direction were the other Dorchester Collection hotels. Based on an old English village sign – there is one sign in each hotel's brand colour, the central post is in Dorchester Collection black. The sign shows guests (and the team) you how many miles away each hotel is.

Two squash racquets designed by & Smith for Carlton Beach Club.

The Beach Club

Carlton Cannes

With locations as prestigious as Carlton Cannes, we know guests love memories and keep-sakes to take home. For the Beach Club we came up a branded beach tennis set so guests can play whilst they're there, but also give them something to take on their next adventure.

A branded Serata Hall keychain and offer card, as designed by & Smith for Serata Hall restaurant.

Friends equals pizza

Serata Hall

With Serata Hall being your 'neighbourhood bar', we were asked to come up with an idea for friends in the local area. We created a small metal keyring that was discrete and beautiful enough to be placed on your keys. If you flash the keyring at the door, it's cheap pizza all round.

Colourful illustrated mural wall takeover designed by & Smith for Ayem.

a pose

Danone: Ayem

How to launch a new product with a bang – get your message hand painted on a 20m x 12m high wall in the middle of Shoreditch. Our brand for AYEM was all about getting the protein you need in the morning to keep you feeling on top of your game.

LUX branded water packaging, designed by & Smith.

Dance. Earth.

LUX* Resorts & Hotels

We took LUX* from offering guests expensive, imported bottled waters – to water that was collected from the ocean, desalinated, purified and put into reusable glass bottles. Named 'Dance' and 'Earth', the sparkling and still water they produced is offered to guests throughout their stay. An all round better choice for the planet, saving 170,000 plastic bottles of water and many air miles, a year.

Wall Mural designed by & Smith in Covent Garden to promote the Shake Shack fast food restaurant.

A new Shack

Shake Shack

Shake Shack were opening their first UK site in the centre of Covent Garden. We wanted to do 'hoarding' a little differently. So, in the early of hours we sent a crew of undercover helpers to go down and stealthily fly-poster the spot. With the help of illustrator Rich Fairhead we revealed the next big show: Shake Shack were coming to town.

Printed takeaway bag as designed by & Smith.

It's in the bag


We wanted to do something slightly different for Dishoom's delivery packaging. With only 25 items on their menu (they set their standards high), we decided to list them all on the bag. As well as acting as a takeaway menu, it meant the team could cross off items as they left the kitchen.

Animated Instagram stories designed by & Smith for GuestHouse Hotels.

24hrs of


We were asked to help launch GuestHouse to the masses. A new brand which was then, two new hotels. We created 24hrs of Happiness. Their family of wonder-filled, happy hotels are all about creating experiences that raise smiles. Our idea to celebrate was, for one day only, we made every hour happy hour. That’s 24 giveaways for 24 Hours of Happiness.

Printed food signs, designed by & Smith, in the window display of Shrewsbury cafe.

A one off

Shropshire Council

Our brand for Shrewsbury showcases all the one-offs in Shrewsbury – a one-of-a-kind town that can’t be copied. We created ‘A Shrewsbury One-Off Since…’ stamp so shopkeepers and businesses can celebrate their own one-offs and promote their businesses too.

Vinyl record designed and curated by & Smith for Hotel Eden.

La Dolce Vita

Hotel Eden Rome

In honour of the old school Italian Apertivo hour, we curated and designed a vinyl record for Hotel Eden – featuring cocktail music from the 20's to the 80s. Used as gifts or sold as merchandise, guests staying at Dorchester Collection often pick one up as a gift for friends and family.

An illustrated guide to Mauritius, designed by & Smith for Salt hotel.

This is Mauritius


You can't find a guidebook to Mauritius, it doesn't exist – It's because most people travel to Mauritius to fly and flop. We encouraged Salt guests to leave the hotel and explore the island. Curated with, and by locals, the Salt guide listed only authentic experiences, all while respecting the places that the residents needed to keep to themselves.

Local food swap print collateral: an & Smith guest experience designed for The Woodspeen.

Food swap

The Woodspeen

Local produce was very important to Michelin star chef, John Campbell, when he first set up The Woodspeen. What started off as a chat over the fence with a Christmas tree farmer, turned into a local food swap event. It was used as a friendly and down to earth way to get to know locals, swap produce and find out what was being produced in the gardens and farms in the area.

A vibrant magazine designed by & Smith for LUX Hotels.

LUX* Journal

LUX* Resorts & Hotels

This started as an idea to replace the traditional hotel brochure – A magazine that celebrated the LUX* locations, rather than the hotels themselves. From articles on various uses of a coconut and celebrating Holi, to recipes for local dishes and events in the area. Written by journalists, chefs and the team, with visuals by a variety of photographers and illustrators, the magazine was coffee table ready.

What if?

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Guest journey

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