Dishoom SMITH 01

From Bombay with love



We want them to feel all the energy of a Bombay cafe from the past, but also feel very much in the present day. We want them to enter a world full of subtle and authentic details, a world full of stories and memories.

The team at Dishoom asked us to help us with their restaurant brand back when they only had their Covent Garden site, with Shoreditch on the way. We saw a brand with a lot of potential but not yet being fulfilled visually. They had all of the original research material and a very good eye for typography – this was music to our ears and eyes.

Dishoom & SMITH 03

We decided to try and place ourselves in the centre of the stories that Dishoom were telling. What would the owner of a Parsi cafe think, and how would they act with their 'brand'?

Out were strict guidelines and one logo version. In was multiple logos (who has the time to stay consistent when so busy), thin papers, fast printing, original typographic inspiration and layouts inspired by their individual location stories. All of this built up over time to become recognisable as the Dishoom brand.


  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Employee branding
Dishoom SMITH 04
&Smith restaurant branding for Dishoom London
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