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We want them to feel like they’re staying at a different kind of luxury hotel – one that is wonder-filled, eclectic and happy.

Brothers, Tristan, James and Tom Guest asked us to create a luxury hotel group where their families and friends could go and relax without the formalities. Twelve months later, GuestHouse (of course), was born.

With the GuestHouse name being part of the family as well as a nod to the warmth and character of the traditional British guest house, we created 'A family of eclectic hotels in Britain’s most intriguing cities'.

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As soon as guests walk through the door they enter a colourful, creative world full of surprising finds and curious collections that match the uniqueness of the cities outside.

The visual identity and naming strategy shine a light on the character of each hotel within the group. Each has a different name and individual identity palette inline with their unique personality while sharing enough in common to feel like part of a family. It means that the GuestHouse spirit runs through them all but without a sense of a soulless chain.

Train station luggage pick-ups, record players in every room, help-yourself pantries, tipis for little ones and welcome packs for four-legged guests, are a few of the signature GuestHouse ideas we plotted on the guest journey throughout the hotels.


  • Brand strategy & positioning
  • Naming
  • Visual identity
  • Guest journey
  • Website
  • Photography & film direction
  • Copywriting & tone of voice
  • Launch campaign
  • Event concepts
  • Employee branding
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“We came to &Smith before we even finalised the purchase of our first property. They guided and led us through each stage of the brand creation process and helped clearly define and focus our key guest experience touchpoints. The &Smith team are a major part of our group’s story to date and are still today a strong partner and friend to the brand.”

James Guest

Director and Owner

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