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A British bazaar

When customers shop at


We want them to feel like they’ve stepped into a modern day British bazaar – one that's full of personality and creativity.

Liberty London asked us to create their first ever 'own brand' food range to live in a dedicated British Food Hall on the ground floor of the store. In a similar fashion to their founder Arthur Liberty, they scoured the length and breadth of the UK to curate a food range that brings the finest artisan products together on one shelf.

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With most own-brand looking very ‘samey’ and often overlooking the makers in favour of heroing the department store, we wanted this to be different. We wanted to do it the 'Liberty way’. So rather than white labelling the suppliers and making a traditional looking ‘set', we decided to turn it on its head. We heroed the makers – giving each a different illustrator to tell their story on pack. 


  • Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Packaging
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • In-store POS
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“&Smith understood Liberty from day one. Their energy and enthusiasm for the project was infectious and we loved how original their approach was. Their concept was genius – one that resonates with all our values as a brand and a really modern take on how Arthur Liberty did business.”

Sarah Coonan

Managing Director, Liberty Retail

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